Hydra's'Sophisticated Drug Delivery System' at Russia Overshadows Western Darknet Markets On September 14, the blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis reported to the infamous Russian darknet marketplace (DNM) known as Hydra and noted the DNM is Eastern Europe's“sixth-largest service by quantity in the region.” In addition, the report also shows that Hydra has produced a“complex drug delivery system” within Russia and throughout various countries in Europe as well. Russia's Hydra Market: The 6th Largest Crypto Service by Volume in Eastern Europe

At the end of August, the darknet marketplace (DNM) community said goodbye to the Empire Market, which unexpectedly decided to exit scam on August 22. News.Bitcoin.com reported on the aftermath and the way DNM patrons scrambled to locate options. On Monday, Chainalysis released a report regarding the cryptocurrency market activity in Eastern Europe this year, and the organization's finding touched on the Russian DNM named Hydra. The darknet marketplace Hydra was launched in 2015 and it ran alongside the infamous Russian Anonymous Marketplace (RAMP). But, Hydra catered it's main focus on drugs and RAMP vanished in late 2017. Reports highlight that after RAMP's passing,“Hydra witnessed an increase in user registrations and seller action.” Besides medication, Hydra also allows vendors to sell other kinds of wares like digital products, SIM cards, and other miscellaneous products.

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